Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall In Love With North Carolina

Get it? love? That is complete literary genius right there. 

Anyways, moving on, I'm trying to cherish the last few weeks before the really cold weather sets in and the holiday rush starts messing with my waistline and routines. I took a walk in one of my favorite parks several times last week and was really able to clear my head and find renewed perspective. Funny how fresh air can do that, huh?

It also brings out the best in my little ones and I love to see how the smallest things in life can delight them. They love to pick up acorns and poke at centipedes with leaves. It's a great reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the small things in life; to delight in the little things. 

Plus, the great outdoors mask toddler meltdowns much better than the 4 walls of a small house can. They can scream and cry and squeal with delight, and it just travels on down. I'm sure some poor animal thought these were war cries though... heh. 

The other great thing about this particular NC park is the river that runs right beside of it. I actually got married right by this river so it holds sentimental value as well. My girls love to throw rocks in it and watch for turtle heads that occasionally pop up. As you can imagine, all kinds of birds and animals are equally attracted to this park as I. You never know which of God's precious creatures you'll spot.

Not a bad backdrop for a wedding,eh?

When I'm out and can see the beautiful world that God created simply by uttering the words, I am reminded of Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God...". The beauty of nature reminds me to quiet my mind and let my soul soak up the wonders of God. 

Plus, my kids nap better after a good hike. ;)

What is your favorite way to renew your spirit after a stressful day?

<3, Rachel

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  1. I'm from NC too! It IS beautiful this time of year! #wordlesswednesday