Friday, October 3, 2014


When my husband and I made the whimsical decision to have a baby, we pictured tiny toes, cuddly onesies and a sleeping baby watching movies with us. Not only is that NOT what we got, just a couple years later we had a toddler on our hands!! It recently hit me that we naively decided to have a baby, not a kid- as if we didn't realize that babies turn into kids. Sounds silly, I realize, but I never pictured how frazzled, disheveled and completely fulfilled I would feel just 4 years and 2 kids later.

I've had the privilege of meeting so many moms over the last few years and have spent too much time comparing myself. I've felt less than capable and I've let me ego boost me to unreasonable heights. I am now on a journey to find my true self and be the mom God intended for me to be. 

I am not the "fitness mom", the "crafty mom", the "home-school preschool mom", and although I love to cook, I am not the "whole foods- carrots for snacks mom" either. I like to take short cuts, I like to have quiet time, I'm not overly concerned with drool on books or sticky floors. I am a normal-ish, creative mom who LOVES to spend time with her children reading, playing and baking. I am also an introverted woman who loves quiet time, bubble baths, good books, (all) food and wine!

This blog is about finding and embracing who I am while also becoming a better version of me. Together we can organize, try new things, grow closer to Christ, and laugh at ourselves all along the way! Just a note, if you are going to be a reader of my blog: I don't really care for "grammar natzi's", I don't always spell things right, I sometimes make up words if one doesn't already exist to fit my need, and I'll probably always be writing in my pajamas. You don't have to agree with me on everything (I love a good debate), but I also think all people deserve to be spoken to with kindness and empathy.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my heart through this blog.


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